IHF Certification

The Following is list of International Certification by International Hosharafu Federation for the year 2023.

Item #Item Name/DescriptionAgePriceDuration
1Yellow Belt CertificateN/A20 USD3 Months
2Orange Belt CertificateN/A20 USD3 Months
3Green Belt CertificateN/A20 USD6 Months
4Blue Belt CertificateN/A20 USD6 Months
5Purple Belt CertificateN/A20 USD6 Months
6Brown Belt CertificateN/A20 USD1 Year
7Black Belt CertificateN/A150 USD1 Year
8Junior Black Belt CertificateN/A150 USD1 Year
91st Degree Black Belt18 Years150 USD1 Year
102nd Degree Black Belt20 Years200 USD2 Years
113rd Degree Black Belt22 Years200 USD2 Years
124th Degree Black Belt24 Years200 USD2 Years
135th Degree Black Belt27 Years200 USD3 Years
146th Degree Black Belt30 Years200 USD3 Years
157th Degree Black Belt33 Years200 USD3 Years
168th Degree Black and Red Belt36 Years200 USD3 Years
179th Degree Red Belt40 Years200 USD4 Years
1810th Degree Red Belt45 Years200 USD5 Years
19Assistant Instructor20 Years120 USDN/A
20Instructor Certificate22 Years120 USDN/A
21Referee/Judge Certificate22 years120 USDN/A
23IHF PassportN/A10 USDN/A

Note: All the examinations must be under rules and regulations of International Hosharafu Federation, all Certificates issue by IHF and have a serial number for each person, all the Certificates which are issued before 2020 by member countries are acceptable to IHF but after 1st Jan 2020 only the certificates with IHF Serial Numbers are acceptable.